Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fairuz - New Year's Eveفيروز - عيد الدنيEid al Dunnye

This song is composed to the tune of "O Christmas Tree"

Fairouz - New Year's Eve

It's New Year's Eve and my house is full of gifts and decorations
There's candles and bells ringing in the distance
And red-colored flowers and wine
New Year's Eve, staying up late with my beloved

It's New Year's Eve
Just you, me and a little tree covered in lights
There's a yellow lantern and snow on my doorstep
And the stars are shining like the snow
And under the rain/winter a new year is coming
Who knows what it has in store?

A year has gone and another has arrived
It's white and new
May it draw smiles on the faces of the children
And may it give the people a new life
And as a year falls asleep and another awakens
May you remain my beloved

فيروز - عيد الدنيا

عيد الدني راس السني بيتي هدايا و زيني
في شموع و جراس تدق بعيد و زهور لونا أحمر و نبيد
عيد الدني راس السني سهرا أنا و حبيبي
راس السني أنتا و أنا و سجرة زغيري مضوايي
قنديل أصفر على بابي و تلج و نجوم عم تلمع متل التلج
و تحت الشتي جايي سني ما منعرف شو مخبايي
راحت سني طلت سني لونا أبيض و جديدي
الولاد ترسم عوجوهن عيد و الناس تعطيهن عمر جديد
و تغفى سني و توعى سني و أنتا تبقى حبيبي

Friday, December 24, 2010

Fairuz - Christmas Eve (Jingle Bells)فيروز - ليلة عيدLaylat Eid

This is a Christmas song from Lebanon by Fairuz sung to the tune of jingle bells. A lot of the imagery does not translate well (much like the imagery in the song jingle bells when you think about it) but I've tried to render the meaning here in English as best I can, though I think if you really want to get the sense the song is conveying you could probably just listen to jingle bells in English.

Fairouz - Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve, tonight is Christmas Eve
Decorations and people gathered
The sound of bells ringing in the distance

Friends finding presents behind the door
There's a tree in house with the children running around it
The tree is all dressed up for Christmas (literally, it's become like a holiday or part of the holiday) and there is bracelet on (my) hand (because it is a holiday, this line doesn't translate easily, but it is just giving some Christmas imagery)
And I'm hanging songs and bunches of grapes on the tree

Oh you nativities shining like sapphires
How did you bring such snow, ribbons and moons to our home?
Who's that coming from afar, giving out presents
Knocking on the door and leaving, spreading joy to all? (i.e. it's Father Christmas/St. Nick/Santa Claus etc.)

فيروز - ليلة عيد

ليلة عيد ليلة عيد الليلي ليلة عيد
زينة وناس صوت اجراس عم بترن بعيد
ليلة عيد ليلة عيد الليلي ليلة عيد
صوت اولاد تياب جداد وبكره بحُب جديد

عم يتلاقوا الاصحاب لهدية خلف الباب
في شجرة بالدار ويدوروا اولاد صغار
والشجرة صارت عيد والعيد اسوارة بأيد
والإيد تعلق عالشجرة غنية وعناقيد

يامغارة كلها بيوت تلمع مثل الياقوت
كيف جيتي عالدار ثلج شرايط واقمار
مين اللي جاي بعيد عم بيرش مواعيد
يدق بواب الناس ويمشي والخير علينا يزيد