Thursday, July 21, 2011

Samira Tawfiq - Stop Coming to Our Neighborhoodسميرة توفيق - بسك تيجي حارتناBassek Tiji Haretna

Samira Tawfiq (also Tawfik, Toufic, Toufiq etc) is a Lebanese singer who became very popular in 70s and 80s (and was a minor obsession, for example, in Mohamed al-Maghout's "I Will Betray My Country سأخون وطني"). Her style is heavily influenced by the folk music and dialects of rural Lebanese society much like Najwa Karam in the following generation.

Samira Tawfiq - Stop Coming to Our Neighborhood

Stop coming to our neighborhood (my dear)
And looking all around us (oh God) (here titlaffat تتلفت describes the action of wandering around the neighborhood looking at everybody kind of turning the head when something interesting, like girls for example, pass by)
Are your eyes on our neighbor? (my dear)
Or are your eyes on us/me? (oh God)

What brought you to our neighborhood anyway (my dear)
You're hiding in the alleys (my God)
You won't find any brides here (my dear)
Waya 3awayd al-khizrani (my God) (عويد الخيزراني is apparently a beating stick, so she's saying that he won't find any girls that like you here, just a stick to beat you back)

Between Beirut and Damascus/Sayda/Hamra etc (the folk song allows for variations to mention different locations that the listeners might be familiar with or be from, this implies that the audience/speaker in the song is in a village somewhere along the road between two points)
A red car passed by (in other verses she says a white car or a green car for variation)
That was your car my dear
I knew it from the license plate

سميرة توفيق - بسك تيجي حارتنا

بسك تجي حارتنا (يا عيوني)
وتتلفت حوالينا (الله الله)
عينك على جارتنا (يا عيوني)
ولا عينك علينا (الله الله)

وايش جابك على حارتنا
وتتخبى بالقراني
وعرايس ماكو عندنا
ويا عويد الخيزراني

بين بيروت وبين الشام
مرقت سيارة حمرا
وهاي سيارتك حبيبي
وانا عرفتها من النمرة

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