Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fairuz - Come Back, Oh 1001 Nightsفيروز - ارجعي يا ألف ليلةIrja`i Ya Alfa Layla

In celebration of our first 1000 facebook likes, here's a song about 'alf layla' by Fairuz. It's from a musical about the 1001 Nights.

Notes: The 1001 Nights are called ألف ليلة وليلة in arabic (alf layla wa layla) or "alf layla" for short.

Fairouz - Come Back, Oh 1001 Nights

Come back, oh 1001 (literally 1000) nights, as a cloud of perfume
And may love water those thirsty for it with the dew of the dawn

My long-lasting desires have shortened my life
And your stories will be forever beautiful throughout the ages

فيروز - إرجعي يا ألف ليلة

إرجعي يا ألف ليلة غيمة العطر
فالهوى يروي غليله من ندى الفجر
إن أشواقي الطويلة أقصرت عمري
و حكاياكي خميلة في مدى الدهر

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